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Greetings Friends and Happy New Year!

Enclosed and attached you will find pertinent information for your upcoming trip to Tropic Soul Fest 2013; please read carefully.

About Tropic Soul Fest

The Tropic Soul Fest is a soulful house music fest and a tropical vacation wrapped into one. Unlike so many other House Music festivals, the Tropic Soul Fest intentionally focuses on the more soulful forms of house (e.g., garage, gospel, funky, vocal, jazz, afro, deep, Chicago, etc.).

Without debating exactly where House Music originated, it certainly has become a global phenomenon. From the Americas to Japan and from Northern Europe to South Africa, House Music lives! So the Tropic Soul Fest is an attempt to unite House Heads young and old from all over the globe in one location for one extended weekend in a tropical paradise.

At the 2013 Tropic Soul Fest, you’ll be able to Party, Mingle, Indulge, and Relax… at the fabulous all-inclusive, oceanfront resort, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

The official dates for this historic event are Sep 26 -29, 2013. A 4-night (5-day) package includes all of the following:

  • Lodging
  • All meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Unlimited premium alcohol
  • All-access entertainment
  • VIP resort privileges
  • Ground transfers

In other words, everything is included except airfare!

Watch the Promo Video

People attending the Tropic Soul Fest will come from all over, but we’re expecting huge representation from the NY-NJ metropolitan, Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, London, Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Montreal.

Although the event is technically only 4 nights, attendees will be allowed to book extra days in order to take full advantage of this luxurious resort. Doing so may provide better rates on airfare. As a courtesy, stays longer than 4 nights will be significantly discounted.

The resort offers several types of accommodations from well-appointed standard rooms to 2-bedrooms suites to 3-bedroom villas. Truly something for every group size. Pay your lodging fees at the official website.

The lodging fee also covers all Tropic Soul Fest entertainment and can either be paid all-at-once or in three equal installments spread out over time. Bear in mind that the lodging fee is per unit, NOT PER PERSON. This means that the lodging fee is the same whether one person occupies the unit of the maximum number of people occupies the unit.

At time of check-in, each individual pays a mandatory all-inclusive fee of $50-75 USD per day, depending on which accommodation is booked. After adding up everything (except airfare), the total cost will be as low as $579 per person based on double occupancy.

An eclectic mix of celebrity DJs will provide entertainment every afternoon and evening from Thursday to Sunday.

Tell all your friends. Don’t miss being part of House Music history!!!

Parties every afternoon and evening…

The Tropic Soul Fest will feature a party every afternoon and every evening, beginning with the welcome party on Thursday and the closeout party on Sunday evening.

Each daytime Tropic Soul Fest party will take place poolside, oceanside, or perhaps on boat and each nighttime Tropic Soul party will take place either indoors at a nightclub or on a semi-covered terrace. The Tropic Soul Fest parties on Friday night Saturday night will each feature a theme.

Most DJs will perform a set on two different days during the long weekend. This way you’ll be more likely to hear every DJ play at least once.

In addition to the Tropic Soul Fest parties, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort holds two special weekly, weather permitting. All guests are invited to attend “Bravissimo”, a Las Vegas style show with Dominican flair and 120 costumes! After the show, the party is just getting started! Try your luck at the Ocean World Casino or dance the night away in their state-of-the-art Lighthouse Lounge & Disco featuring Tropic Soul Fest DJs. And on Sunday night, there is the VIP Welcome Party. All Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort guests are invited to this extravagant beach party dedicated to your enjoyment! The magnificent buffet dinner with ice sculptures, intricately carved food displays, and scrumptious food is something you won’t want to miss! Eat, drink, and party on the beach to sounds of local music, ocean waves, and fireworks! And as the welcome party ends, the Tropic Soul Fest finale` kicks off!

The Tropic Soul Fest isn’t until September 2013. The team is busy planning out all the particulars and will update the website with key information periodically. So keep checking back!


Want to take a break from the parties?

The on-site Excursion Center is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people who can steer you towards whatever adventure come to mind. Until you can visit the center on your own, have a look at some of the more popular excursions.

From golf to deep-sea fishing and dolphin encounters, to catamaran sails, zip lining, horseback riding, and dune buggy off-roading excursions, we can’t wait to show you the real Caribbean, far off the beaten path, endlessly exhilarating and always spectacular. The Lifestyles Excursion Shop is ready to let you in on all the secrets that paradise has to offer with their own hand-picked adventures. Book the best and most exclusive excursions on the island. Take your vacation to the max and fall in love with the island!

  • Golf at any of three great golf courses, including Playa Dorada, Playa Gande, and Los Aromas
  • Puerto Plata with cable car – Rum Factory- Sightseeing + shopping
  • Sosua – Cabarete; visit two of the best beaches, incl. lounge chair and drinks
  • ATV’s or Dune Buggies; get dirty riding through rivers, jungle and beaches.
  • Zip Lining; feel like you are flying amidst beautiful scenery – Yasika Adventures
  • Beach horseback riding; ride a horse on a secluded beach, wow!
  • Deep Sea Fishing; your chance to catch Marlin, Mahi Mahi or other big fish!
  • Sun Set Cruise Catamaran with champagne cocktails and appetizers
  • Sun Set Beach Horse Back with surf and turf dinner on the beach
  • Freestyle Catamaran: steel band music, open bar, snorkeling and fun!
  • Santiago and Jarabacoa :visit cigar factory, waterfalls and mountain scenery.
  • Outback Safari link to; visit the villages, schools, experience the real Dominican life
  • Monster Truck Safari ; discover the country side on the mega trucks.
  • Blue Lagoon Safari; Blue Lagoon, Playa Grande, tropical zoo and much more
  • Paradise Island, dreamy white beaches surrounded by a tropical reef. Our top snorkelling destination! Tropical fish eat right out of your hands! The VIP tour visits the island by yacht with champagne or go by speedboat.
  • Ocean Bliss VIP Catamaran; imagine total relaxation with soft music, champagne, wine and an included massage on a large and shady cat.
  • Spectacular helicopter flights; marvel at the beauty from high in the sky!
  • Zip ‘n Splash; combine the 27 Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua with zip lining – our best!
  • Action day; ride a quad through the jungle and rivers and crash the waves on a jet ski then cool down with a barbecued lunch on the beach.
  • River Rafting: an exhilarating ride on class 3 to 4 rapids in the mountains.
  • Dominicana Jones Safari; jump and swim in sparkling waterfalls.


What resort vacation would be complete with about a Spa and Salon? The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort actually has two, Metamorphosis Spa and Yin Yang Spa.

All Tropic Soul Fest guests receive a 30% discount on services at the Metamorphosis Spa. Services include all of the following:


Before any facial treatment, Metamorphosis’ professional team will perform a customized evaluation to recommend a facial perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin type and condition.
Each facial therapy includes cleansing, exfoliation and massage of face, neck and décolleté.

Express Facial — 30 min.
 Does your skin need an extra boost? This Pro-Biotic facial has been designed for your needs. The combination of active ingredients such as fruit extract, milk and cereal increases the skin’s defenses to keep it healthy and radiant.

Signature Facial — 55 min.
 This specialized Metamorphosis facial is expertly tailored to fit your individual needs, whether it is a facial to treat problem skin, restore balance and proper hydration or combat the environmental effects. Dull surface skin cells are gently removed, followed by an extraction if necessary. Next you will enjoy a relaxing facial massage, application of a nourishing mask over face, neck and décolleté. Enjoy a complementary hand or foot massage during treatment.

Fresh Cell Infusion — 55 min.
 A unique anti-aging treatment that stops time in its tracks, offers maximum protection against external factors and free radicals. This treatment is adapted for all skin types, using a pure collagen mask as well as fresh pumpkin cells to increase cell regeneration thus promoting healthier and younger skin. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer.

Tropical Bamboo — 55 min.
 The effectiveness of BABOR’s “Refining Complex” stands out in this innovative facial treatment, providing the ultimate balance to oily or combination skins. The powerful action of its main components, bamboo and witch hazel, reduces sebaceous flow, refines pores and lends a visibly refined and fresh appearance.

Hydrating Calendula — 55 min. 
An intensive moisturizing facial for sensitive and demanding skin with an instant calming effect. The products used in this gift of “mother nature” combine a new anti-irritation complex with a high dosage of calendula extract. 100% Calming. 100% Moisturizing.

S.O.S. After Sun Facial 
When you have overexposed your face to sun’s rays without suitable protection, this is the perfect treatment for you. This facial will restore your skin concentrating on refreshing, calming and reducing redness. The products used in this S.O.S. Facial will help your organism to begin its natural process of revitalization and regeneration.

Caribbean Moon (Whitening Facial) — 55 min.
 This highly effective and amazingly gentle facial is ideal for all skin types and conditions. It lightens the complexion due to active ingredients as citric acid, sleepy morning and sunflower extract. A Metamorphosis favorite for brides.

Aqua Lift — 80 min.
 A highly recommended facial for moisture deprived skin and lack of elasticity. With this one of a kind treatment your skin will be replenished at a cellular level with moisture due to the action of cyclodextrines loaded with water. Included in this lifting treatment is a gommage style algae mask. The firming effect is noticed with one session.

Rejuvenating Rose Quartz — 55 min.
 Take pleasure in the ultimate balancing ritual for restoring beauty and rejuvenating the skin. Experience the loving heart stone of Rose Quartz transferring a healing energy, therefore improving the skin’s vital function, promotion cell regeneration and preventing light induced aging. This treatment visibly improves natural moisture supply to the skin.

Touch of Gold — 80 min.
 Our most luxurious treatment will transport you to the realms of tranquility, which cannot be pictured by imagination alone. A special musical composition of the natural sounds of the sea and a choreographed massage will transport you to the farthest corners of complete relaxation. While enjoying an unforgettable experience, your skin is rejuvenated with luxurious High Skin Refiner products formulated to maintain a youthful appearance. Includes free gift with purchase.

Gentlemen’s Express Facial — 30 min.
 Purifying, hydrating and refreshing, this facial treatment is individually tailored to suit your skin type. This treatment addresses overall skin condition, targets specific problems, soothes shaving bumps and irritation leaving skin feeling refreshed, healthy and ultra smooth.

Gentleman’s Deluxe Facial — 55 min.
 Tailored for the demanding requirements of men’s skin, we present a matchless treatment that minimizes the tracks of time. Formulated for all skin types, rich in collagen and with and intense moisturizing effect, this Deluxe facial is definitely worthy of a King.

Algae Peel-Off Eye Mask (offered as add-on to facial treatments)
 Give a little extra care to the most delicate part of you face with our special Algae Peel off Eye Mask, the perfect complement for any facial treatment that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, banishes tiredness and leave the eye area looking smoother and healthier. Only available as an add-on treatment.


Relaxing Anti-stress Massage — 25min. / 55min.
 Harmonize your body and spirit with this wonderful massage based on traditional European techniques, results include increased circulation, muscle tension relief and stress reduction.

Deep Muscular Massage — 25 min. / 55 min. 
This massage is recommended to relieve muscular tension and pain or for those who enjoy a strong, deep massage. This therapy is perfect before or after an exercise routine or physical activity. Ease joint pain and discomfort with this intense muscular massage.

Aroma Therapeutic Massage — 25 min. / 55 min. 
Imagine being surrounded by an exotic blend of essential oils selected for your personal needs, imagine that these essential oils are being applied to your body with a subtle rhythmic massage… embracing your spirit…Stop dreaming and experience our exquisite aroma-therapeutic massage!

Shiatsu — 55 min. 
A massage that focuses on the Oriental technique of acupressure. During this treatment your therapist will apply pressure on specific points in combination with precise body movements to stimulate even energy flow through meridians or energy channels throughout your system.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage — 55 min.
 The purpose of this massage is to stimulate the lymphatic system using smooth movements and rhythmical blows. This treatment will liberate your body from toxins and stimulate circulation. An excellent choice if you want to avoid fluid retention and reduce chronic inflammation. This massage combined with other techniques is appropriate for weight reduction.

Scalp Massage — 40 min.
 This is the best therapy to relieve tension and stress from the shoulders, neck and head areas. The different massage techniques applied in this treatment will improve scalp circulation and flexibility in the neck and shoulders.

Reflexology Massage — 45 min. “Your hands and feet are a map of your body.” Through this ancient Eastern theory that sustains reflexology, our experts will stimulate key zones in your hands and feet that correspond to your organs and internal system. This massage will help you find energetic balance.

Combined Massage — 80 min.
 Pamper yourself with this exquisite fusion of therapeutic techniques tailored to suit your individual requirements. This is the best way to explore and enjoy the magical world of body massage.

Scentao Hot Stone Therapy TM — 80 min.
 Enjoy this unique wellness treatment reflecting the oriental philosophy for the body and mind combined with hot stone massage. This treatment uses a range of holistic products based on active ingredients found in Asian plants (Ginkgo, Ginseng and Green Tea) to calm for an exceptional relaxation experience.


Cleopatra’s Milk Bath — 55 min. 
Indulge yourself and feel like a Queen for a day! Rejuvenate your skin with this superb hydrotherapy of milk and minerals…we begin with a BABOR full body exfoliation, followed by a hydrotherapy session of 20 minutes and finish with a 15 min. relaxing massage.

Rose Petals/ Exotic Flowers Bath — 45 min. 
Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious pampering, forget the stress of your daily routine and leave the outside world behind you or simply recharge your batteries while enjoying this unique exotic flower or rose petal hydrotherapy followed by a 15-minute relaxing massage.

Aroma Spa Bath and Massage — 75 min. 
Indulge in this fragrant Spa Experience! This aroma-licious spa session initiates with a rejuvenating sea salt body exfoliation followed by a 15-minute hydrotherapy session and finalizes with a lavish aromatic 45-minute massage. All steps of this therapy include the incorporation of the essential oil combination chosen by you to best suit your needs.

Relaxing: Let your senses float, relax your body. 
Balancing: Inner peace and harmony
. Revitalizing: Awaken your senses, revitalize your body.

Thalasotherapy — 55 min. Wellness by nature! This treatment’s benefits are intensive purification and the stimulation of metabolism. Blue algae have excellent detoxifying properties and a deep hydrating, relaxing effect due to their high content of vitamins, minerals and oligio elements. This splendid treatment includes 20 minutes of hydrotherapy, 30 minutes of cranial massage and ends with a vitamin rich body cream application.

Lodging Fees

There are two different fees for the Tropic Soul Fest, Lodging Fees and All-inclusive Fees. Both are mandatory.

Lodging Fees are paid on-line through this website in advance of the event; whereas, All-inclusive fees are paid at time of check-in for the event.

Lodging Fees

Lodging Fees are per accommodation (not per person). This means that the fees displayed in the tables below are the total fees to paid for the accommodation.

Each accommodation will be booked separately. One guest, the Primary Guest, will be responsible for paying the Lodging Fee for an accommodation. The Primary Guest may list the other guests (Secondary Guests) that will share the accommodation at the time of booking on-line. The Primary Guests may change the guest list at any time before the event without charge.

The combined number of guests, both primary and secondary, cannot exceed the maximum number of occupants for the accommodation.

Included in the Lodging Fee is access to all Tropic Soul Fest events for the primary guest and the secondary guests. There is no separate fee for entertainment.

Payment Plan Options

Full Payment Plan

Lodging fees can be paid in one full payment (Full Payment Plan). The Full Payment Plan can be paid at anytime up until 15 Sep 2013. Paying the lodging fee in one full payment completes the booking process.

The following table shows the lodging fee for the Full Payment Plan:

Full Payment Plan Fees

Accommodation Max Occ. 4 Nights 5 Nights 6 Nights
Crown 3-BR Villa 6 $1,450 $1,600 $1,750
Presidential 2-BR Suite 6 $1,428 $1,578 $1,728
Presidential 1-BR Suite 3 $1,155 $1,270 $1,385
Presidential Studio Suite 3 $995 $1,070 $1,145
Residence 2-BR Suite 5 $1,280 $1,370 $1,460
Residence 1-BR Suite 3 $863 $933 $1,003
Cofresi Palm Ocean Suite 3 $903 $983 $1,063
Tropical Junior Suite 2 $730 $795 $860

Installment Payment Plan

Lodging fees can also be paid in three equal payments (Installment Payment Plan). The Installment Payment Plan can be initiated at anytime up until 15 Jun 2013. Paying the 1st installment holds the lodging unit. After paying the 1st installment, guests must pay the 2nd installment and 3rd installment as follows:

  • 2nd Installment – due on or before 15 Feb 2013
  • 3rd Installment – due on or before 15 Jun 2013

For accommodations booked after 15 Feb 2013 and before 15 Jun 2013, both the 1st installment and 2nd installment are required at time of booking.

For accommodations booked after 15 Jun 2013, the installment plan is not available and accommodations must be paid for in full at the time of booking.

Please note that there is a $25 USD processing fee incorporated into the lodging fees under the installment plan. The following table shows the lodging fees for the Installment Payment Plan:

Installment Payment Plan Fees

Accommodation Max Occ. 4 Nights 5 Nights 6 Nights
Crown 3-BR Villa 6 3 Installments of $508 3 Installments of $558 3 Installments of $608
Presidential 2-BR Suite 6 3 Installments of $501 3 Installments of $551 3 Installments of $601
Presidential 1-BR Suite 3 3 Installments of $410 3 Installments of $448 3 Installments of $487
Presidential Studio Suite 3 3 Installments of $357 3 Installments of $382 3 Installments of $407
Residence 2-BR Suite 5 3 Installments of $452 3 Installments of $482 3 Installments of $512
Residence 1-BR Suite 3 3 Installments of $313 3 Installments of $336 3 Installments of $359
Cofresi Palm Ocean Suite 3 3 Installments of $326 3 Installments of $353 3 Installments of $379
Tropical Junior Suite 2 3 Installments of $268 3 Installments of $290 3 Installments of $311


Customers on the installment plan are required to pay installments in accordance with the above schedule. If an account becomes 30 days past due, the customer will lose their accommodation and their booking will be placed on hold. The customer will then have 30 days to pay overdue installments plus a $100 late fee. If the account is brought current within those 30 days, the hold on the accommodation will be removed. If a customer becomes 60 days past due, the booking will be canceled and all payments forfeited.

All-inclusive Fees

There are two different fees for the Tropic Soul Fest, Lodging Fees and All-inclusive Fees. Both are mandatory.

Lodging Fees are paid on-line through this website in advance of the event; whereas, All-inclusive fees are paid at time of check-in for the event.

Each guest at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, including those attending the Tropic Soul Fest is required to pay an individual all-inclusive fee at time of check-in for the number of nights he or she will stay on the resort.

Acceptable methods of payment include most major credit cards and cash (USD, CAD, BSP). The amount of the all-inclusive fee depends on the accommodation type as indicated in the table below:

Accommodation Type Adults
Cofresi Palm Ocean Suites $50/Night
Tropical Hotel $50/Night
Residence Suites $55/Night
Presidential Suites $65/Night
Crown Villa $75/Night

What the All-Inclusive Fee Covers

The all-inclusive fee covers all of the following regardless of accommodation type:

  • Privileged use of all restaurants, bars and facilities at the Resort
(excluding V.I.P areas and services exclusive for members)
  • 24-hour food and beverages available in select locations
  • All meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner available in general guest restaurants on property
  • 2 buffet restaurants
(No reservations required)
  • 12 specialty restaurants for a la carte dining
(Reservations required)
  • Daytime and late snacks located through-out the property
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
(Includes House Wine with Meals, plus Beer, Spirits, Cocktails, Juices, and Soft Drinks are available from 14 Bars located throughout the Property.)
  • Daily activities program
  • Introductory scuba lesson in pool
  • Non-motorized watersports
  • Gym access
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Amphitheater with shows
  • Admission to Disco (drinks not included)
  • Kid’s Club
  • Tennis
  • Use of bicycles
  • Privileged use of all restaurants, bars and facilities at Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa, and Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites
  • Shuttle service throughout the resort
  • Ground transfers between the resort and the Puerto Plata airport on days of arrival and departure.
  • In addition, exclusive for members
 there are 8 V.I.P exclusive restaurants, 7 V.I.P Lite Fare Bars, and 14 V.I.P specialty bars

Note: Only a guest who has paid their all-inclusive fee will be given access to the booked accommodation.

Book Your Tropic Soul Fest 2013 Getaway Today!


Travel Documents

Citizens of America, Canada, Britain, and many other countries do not require a visa. However, a valid passport must be shown upon entering and/or exiting the Dominican Republic by airplane.

If you do not have a valid passport, you are encouraged to apply for one well in advance of anticipated travel.

A Tourist Card valued at $10 USD must be purchased before entry into the Dominican Republic is granted. American citizens purchase Tourist Cards upon landing in the Dominican Republic; whereas, Canadians purchase Tourist Cards at the plane ticket purchase. Citizens of Britain are also required to purchase a Tourist Card for entry into the Dominican Republic. Tourist Cards can be purchased either from the Dominican Embassy (139 Inverness Terrace, London W2, (020 7727 6232), at a cost of £10 (please allow 7 working days for postal applications, or purchased on arrival at a cost of US$10. Tourist cards can be purchased online from the Dominican Republic Embassy’s website:

Please note that Customs at the Dominican airports will only accept US dollars for payment of the Tourist Card, not – sterling or Dominican pesos. The cost of the tourist card at the airport is $10 USD. Other citizens should check with government officials or travel advisors for more information on visas and tourist cards.

Getting to the Dominican Republic

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries offer daily flights to the Dominican Republic.

The Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP), also known as Puerto Plata Airport, is about 20 miles from the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort. Most guests attending the Tropic Soul Fest will fly into and out of this airport.

The Cibao International Airport (STI), also known as the Santiago Airport, is about 50 miles from the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort. Flights into this airport are often less expensive than flights into POP.

Airport Transfers

Transfers via the Puerto Plata Airport (POP) are included in your Tropic Soul Fest booking. Transfers to and from the Santiago Airport (STI) are not currently included in the Tropic Soul Fest booking. Transfers via STI usually cost around $120 USD per vehicle, not per person. Guests considering air travel via STI should consider the total cost of airfare plus round trip ground transfers before purchasing plane tickets.
Please note that efforts are underway to coordinate group transfers from STI in which case the cost of ground transfers will be either significantly reduced or waived.

Airlines that Fly Direct to Puerto Plata (POP)

United Kingdom

  • Thomson Flights (Gatwick, Manchester)
  • Flythomascook (Gatwick, Manchester, Midland)

United States

  • JetBlue (via JFK)
  • United (via Newark)
  • American Airlines (via Miami)


  • WestJet (via Toronto)
  • Air Canada (via Toronto, Halifax, Montreal)
  • Enerjet (Toronto)


  • Air Berlin (via Munich, Dusseldorf)
  • TUIfly (via Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfort)
  • Condor (Frankfort)

The Netherlands

  • Arkefly (Amsterdam)

Airlines Flying Direct to Santiago (STI)

United States

  • JetBlue (via Boston, JFK)
  • American Airlines (via JFK)
  • Delta Airlines (via JFK, Miami)

Connecting Flights

Please check with your travel provider for connecting flights to Puerto Plata (POP) and Santiago (STI).


Tropic Soul Fest
PO Box 390
Mount Tabor, NJ

Questions about the event that haven’t been answered on the site? We’d love to hear from you: info or nini.eternalsolpromos

And if you want to be kept up to date on event updates, join us on Facebook: and Twitter: @tropicsoulfest and be in-the-know. All year-round you’ll get official updates, breaking news, and the inside line on all things related to what will be a historic event.

What are you waiting for?

TSF Team

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