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NYC deep presents a true Underground House music dance party in two parts. The Main Event 6pm-2am featuring Girls vs Boys DJ’s, with dancing and a backyard Grass Fed BBQ. Followed by an afterhours portion 2am-sunrise. You don’t want to miss this one! Secret Loft location you must RSVP for address @

The Space: (Near Central Ave & Jefferson St, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY)**
Ddisguised as Yoga Studio during the day it features plush hardwood floors, plenty of room for dancing, high ceilings, a backyard, and a rooftop!
Please respect this space as if it were your home and the neighbors (no lingering outside)

The DJ’s
The Girls:
Francesca Magliano (Motherland Movement)
Jen Blaze (DiverseCity Music)
Selectress Iriela (Second World)
Pinkie Toscadero (Memoirs of a Party Girl)

The Boys:
MasterKev (Underground Collective)
DJ Justice (
DJ Bruno (Utopia Boston)
Househead Pete (H.O.M.E.)

The Sound:
4-Point 100% pure JBL Sound System being TRUCKED IN from our good friends over at King Ilabash Sound. Including large Dual-18” Bass Cabinets, 3-Way 15” Top Boxes, and Monitors

The Food:
In addition to your soul, While your dancing, you can also treat your taste buds to our 100% Organic Grass Fed Beef BBQ, We are contracting with local farmers to bring you the freshest meat and salads possible (direct from the farm, no middleman, no antibiotics, preservatives, not frozen.. Taste the difference) Food extra

The Damage:
General Admission is $20, $15 Reduced.. Very Limited Advanced $10 Tickets Available

Click here to add to google calendar

**The Location:

You Must RSVP for location. Once you get the location make sure you can plot a route from the nearest train stations.
(J)(M) Myrtle Ave – (L) Jefferson or (L) Morgan Ave ^ES


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