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It may as well Snow in April, a Musical Genius Has Transcended Into a Heavenly Realm, the Doves Are Crying and It Will Rain Purple for Eternity.

After several days of processing this sudden information, coming to terms with the loss of this incredible Musician has been nothing short of difficult; the grieving and mourning continues. This tribute is in honor of the Man/Icon, PRINCE.

Prince Rogers Nelson left this Universe on Thursday, April 21, 2016, at his home/studio Paisley Park, and to all that knew and loved him; who were inspired by his brilliance, and his music; our lives will be forever changed. The Beautiful Ones We Always Seem to Lose.

Rest In Paradise, Prince Rogers Nelson (6/7/58 – 4/21/16)
As the Tears Fall…The Impact of his 57 Year Journey will not be in vain; Prince Reigns.

~ Nitique/2016 aka N!ni Eternal Sol & DJ T-Wise (Ubiquity Soul)


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