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Globally Spreading the Word, One Event at a Time…

The business of marketing, promoting, and event planning is no easy feat, yet Nichele Juliano, endearingly known to the deep house and dance culture community as N!ni has managed to master these tasks simultaneously with poised ferocity. Founder of Eternal Sol: promotions, events, media marketing +more and co-founder of Spiritual Oasis Productions (est. 2004), this diva has and continues to make her stamp on the world of house in both New York and beyond focusing on quality events that illuminate the soul. This diva of house can be found promoting various parties and events as well as Twittering and Face Booking (as well as utilizing diverse forms of online social media) for various house entities as Face the Bass Live Events (DJ Speedy), DJ AppleJac, I’ll House You with Oscar P. & Friends, J Hunter (, Ain’t Nuthin’ But A House Party (Jellybean Benitez), Justice League Of House (JLOH – DJ T-Bass) Where’s The Culture House Radio, TrakWyze Records (Jalal Johnson) One Ol’ Nasty House Party (Sharon Toney & David McQueen) and a host of others at any given time. Her reach is vast her goals are many and her vision is clear. “House music is most definitely a way of life and I live and love it every day.”


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