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Marvin Gaye – T Stands For Trouble

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Marvin Gaye – T Stands For Trouble

by indamixworldwide

One of the definitive highlights from the ‘Trouble Man’ OST, ”T’ Stands For Trouble’, which Ralph Tresvant brilliantly used as a frame for ‘Who’s The Mack’ 20 years later, is also one of the most sought after underrated goodies by the likes of Marvin Gaye…

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Mayor de Blasio proclaims Saturday May 19, DANCE PARADE DAY – 10,000 light up NYC!!!

STEPS! Dance Parade New York’s Official E-Newsletter May 18, 2018 Issue
Inside this Issue:
·Executive Director Greeting
·Share the Love of Dance
·Press Conference at City Hall
·Dance Quote: Ellen J. Barrier
·WooWooWoo, NYDP out to Boogie
·See the Parade or Participate
·DanceFest at the end of the parade
·Cabaret Afterlife Party!
·Photo Contest!
·Support our Mission & get Perks
·New 2018 Promo Video by Renegade Pix
·Community Engagement
·Why We Dance
Share the Love of Dance!
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Dance Quote:
" Well it seems to me, that all real communities grow out of a shared confrontation with survival. Communities are not produced by sentiment or mere goodwill. They grow out of a shared struggle. Our situation in the desert is an incubator for community.
Read more at:
Individuals who have learned to endure and persevere through the storms of hardships are those who can dance in the rain during a storm."
~ Ellen J. Barrier

harles Baudelaire
Read more at:

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.
Read more at:

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. Charles Baudelaire
Read more at:
The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. Charles Baudelaire
Read more at:


(Click here to join us!)

Non Profit Board of Directors:
Valerie Feit (Co-Chair)
Mahayana Landowne (Co-Chair)
Michelle DeBlasi
Jerry Goldman
Nicola Creary
Kevin Farley
David Leventhal
Greg Miller
Philip Ribolow
Erik Bryan Slavin

Steering Commitee:
Greg Miller, Executive Director
Adele Godfrey, Parade Production
David Sanders, Parade Production
Carlye Eckert, Education
John Dalton, Floats Coordinator
Jamila Holman, Festival Production
DJ McDonald, Curatorial
Mark Schmidt, Curatorial
Hal Lamster, Web, Grandstand
Jackie Cohen, Volunteer Coordination
Rebecca Myles, Media
Doug Kolessar, Finance
Natalya Grigoriev, Finance (CPA)
Brian Austin, Creative
Jason Parrish, Creative
Chauncey Dandridge, Social Media
Xi Zhu, China Committee

Honorary Committee:
(Power Team & Grand Marshals)
Camille A. Brown
Mickela Mallozzi
Rafael Espinal
Doc Martin
Maurice Hines
Frankie Bones
Mestre Joao Grande
Rosie Mendez
Garth Fagan
Carmen de Lavallade
Robert Battle
Mary Verdi-Fletcher
Rekha Malhotra
Savion Glover
Jawolle Willa Jo Zollar
Hex Hector
Jacqulyn Buglisi
Baba Chuck Davis
Louie Vega
Ashley Tuttle
Elisa Monte
Bill Shannon
Trevor Hochman
Peter Zehren
Samir Bitar
Mel Alvarez
Jonathan Peters
Charles Reinhart
“Billy Elliot” (Joseph Harrington)
Kat Wildish
Amy Marshall
Jellybean Benitez
Elizabeth Zimmer
Ellenore Scott
Don Campbell "Campbellock"
Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu)
Luis Salgado
Kool Herc
Danny Tenaglia
Djoniba Mouflet

Advisory Board:
Jeanne Fleming
David Katz
Teddie Kern
Anil Kumar
Joseph McElroy
Fred Shequine
Tasha Blank

Sponsorship Team:
Greg Miller
John Dalton Nikki Creary
Phil Ribolow

Parade Production:
Adele Godfrey (Lead)
David Sanders
Katelyn McLeod
Joanna Zannoni
Hal Lamster
Kevin Farley
Doris Chavez
Alan Wright
Jessii Parham
SIlvia Martinez

Micahel Witt
John Dalton
Valerie Feit
Jerry Goldman
Rhina Valentin
Xi Zhu
Jianjun Xie
Dan Rosenstark
Daniel Kahn
Disco Mike Park
Bobby Speakerwire
Wandalynn Miftahi
Cheryl Gant
Phil Ribolow
Mekeshia Brown
Marjorie Liebman
Wandalynn Miftahi
Peter Vassilatos
Ollie Chase
Tim Golding
Jerry Goldman

Akil Davis

Alia Kubicek
Diane Dejesus
Claudia Lazo
Freddy Cosmo
J-Royce Jata
Alia Kubicek
Michael Fry
Rhina Valentin
Sharon Colchamino
Tatianna Bisono
Jamee Schleifer
Beatriz Cardo
Dayana Guerrero
Doris Martinez
Michael Witt
Miriam Ross

Festival Production:
Jamila Holman (Chair)
DJ McDonald (Curatorial Chair)
Mark Schmidt (Curatorial Vice-Chair)
Emcee Donnie D’Amato (Main)
Emcee Brian K. Austin (Main)
Emcee Fitz (Family)
Emcee Carlye Eckert (Family)
Emcee DJ McDonald (Family)
Micheal Frye (Social)
DJ Sweat
Shiela Jamison
Ben Vazquez
Ameca Holman
Bianca Rodriquez

Educational Outreach
Carlye Eckert (Chair)
Valerie Feit
Caryn Cooper
Shireen Dickson
Leslie Pieters
Jamee Schliefer

Doug Kowlessar
Bianca Rodriguez
Natalya Grigoriev
Elizabeth Zaklama

Victoria Behr
Carmen Casado
Jerry Goldman
David Leventhal
Paul Llewellyn
Kaye Scholer LLP

Greg Miller
Brian Austin
Jason Parrish
Hal Lamster
Martha Ma
Sarah McGlaughlin
Amanda Alston
Luis Vargas

Media & Promotions Team:
Rebecca Myles
Audrey Ross
Teresa Bigelow
Chauncey Danridge
Michelle Deblassi
Kevin Farley
Shiela Jamison

Special thanks:

·New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
·NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo
·Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
·City Council Member Carolina Rivera
·NYC Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl, Assistant Commissioner Kathleen Hughes and Program Officer Alana Dapena Fraiz
·Community Boards 2 and 3
·NYC & Co Foundation
·NYPD Lt Christopher Cheng and Sgt Patrick McGuire, 9th Precinct Det. Jaime Herandez
·NYC Department for the Aging

·New York State Council on the Arts
·Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
·NYC Parks & Recreation Director Claudia Pepe, District Supervisor Terese Flores, Deputy Director Venus Melo (Citywide)
·NYC Dept of Sanitation Superintendent Joseph Signoril
·NYC Dept of Transportation Event Coordinators Michael Callery, Ivory Henderson-Robb and G.I.S. / Events Coordinator Shuan Bruney

Dance Parade
graciously acknowledges
our 2018 Sponsors and Partners:

















Want to Sponsor 2019? Contact Executive Director greg for more information!


Tomorrow, Saturday May 19, we’ll make history — rain or shine — as 10,000 dancers light up New York City with 83 Styles of dance!

At 21st & Broadway, catch the ribbon cutting ceremony starting at 12:30pm, with all the advocates that have worked hard to repeal the 1926 Cabaret Law: Norman Siegel, Mercedes Ellington, Josephine Baker and performance by the Skin Dance Company. Then at 1pm, Grand Marshals Camille A. Brown, DJ Doc Martin, Council Member Rafael Espinal and Mickela Mallozzi cut the ribbon to kick off the day’s theme, "The Cabaret of Life!"

Passing the Grandstand in Astor Place, Emcee’s Jerry Goldman and Rhina Valentin add color to the already colorful display of culture and diversity. As the parade ends at Avenue A in Tompkins Square Park, DanceFest celebrates dance like never before. Pirate Ship DJs, Choreography on Main, Family and Aerial stages as well as dance lessons by the city’s best teaching artists. And there’s the Cabaret AfterLife Party too…Read on and feel joy…

Because it WON’T be a royal wedding – It WILL be a Unity through Dance!

Greg Miller

Executive Director
(Press Releases & Media Kit)

WooWooWooWoo! NYDP DANCE POLICE, responding to the call to BOOGIE!!
Commissioner Chauncey and Lieutenant Jamee are back once again to lead the team of jolly officers ticketing "bystanders" for NOT dancing! A parody of the Guiliani administration’s actual Dance Police known then as the "Cabaret Task Force" that fined and shuttered bars and clubs throughout New York City, our NYDP officers joyfully inspire dance throughout the parade and festival. And YOU can too: Sign up to volunteer a six hour shift:

Parade A 9am – 3pm
Parade B 11am – 5pm
Festival B 2pm – 8pm

On a serious note, NYDP officer Jackie Cohen, our Sound Czar, will the Sound Patrol team with decibel readers to monitor ampified sound throughout the parade and festival.

In return for a shift distributing programs and tickets, NYDP officers (like our entire band of 150+ volunteers) receive a T-shirt, NYDP hat, free entry to our After Party with pizza and hugs galore! For more info, check our website here.

(Also sign up if you just want to pitch in, support Dance Parade and DanceFest wearing a regular CABARET OF LIFE CREW shirt!)

SEE the Parade or DANCE in the Parade!
Don’t let the rain stop you…Come out to watch or participate in the historic 12th Annual Dance Parade and Festival May 19th 2018! Last year we repealed the Cabaret Law. This year we celebrate "The Cabaret of Life!"

Over 10,000 dancers will be dancing on Broadway to 83 styles of dance in New York City’s largest dance event including Ballet, Ballroom, Hip-Hop, a Pirate Ship with masts & crows nests, Dominican, Scottish, Korean, Salsa, Indian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Hustle, Hula, Tibetan, Tango and so many more!! – this is a participatory dance event like never before! Dance along with your favorite music, dance style or support by getting tickets at the Grandstand in Astor Plaza:

kp9r_Screenshot20180513210051.png kp9r_Screenshot20180513210059.pngkp9r_Screenshot20180513210107.png

As the parade ends at Avenue A and Saint Marks, DanceFest begins in Tompkins Square Park from 3-7pm!

kp9r_ScreenShot20180518at81544AM--1.png kp9r_17SuzieSamuel41--4.jpgkp9r_F09DanielRoseDanielRose14--1.jpgkp9r_DanceFestPhotoOfLilStarlets--2.jpgkp9r_Parkshot2--3.jpg

Featuring choreographed performances, dance lessons, aerial and social dance – free to the public. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer presents awards to the Grand Marshals, honoring them for their contributions to the field of dance. Five stages and site specific work throughout the park offer something for everybody including performances by culturally diverse participants from the parade and an opportunity to learn dance from the city’s best dance teachers!

Check out the full lineup on our website.


Keep the good vibes goin after DanceFest for the Official Afterparty just a block away! Show your support for the entire day of free activities and grab a $10 Earlybird Ticket here.

Teamwork makes the DREAM WORK!
One of the best things in life is volunteering to make a difference — And bringing dance to the streets, hearts and minds of New York City with a band of lolligagging movers and shakers is a funtastic way to do it — Register to Volunteer here!
Artists: Dancers presented by the New York Chinese Cultural Center – Photo Credit Peter Cai

Each year Dance Parade attracts hundreds of photographers of all ilks to capture the magic found when 80+ unique styles of dance and cultures are all presented in the same place. They love the energy, movement and color found among ancient cultures and highly ambitious artists. This year we will add a new category, “DanceFest” which follows the parade in Tompkins Square Park. For each category, Dance Parade and DanceFest, we will award 3 winners with t-shrits, tote bags and other commemorative items. Read More / Enter Contest!

SUPPORT our Mission and get PERKS!
Our Mission is to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities to experience dance, and celebrating diversity of dance in New York City by sponsoring a yearly city-wide dance parade and dance festival.

Dance Parade really needs your support and any help you can give us is appreciated. At Dance Parade, we are grateful for every tax deductible donation no matter how small.

Here’s how to donate:

· Make check payable to “Dance Parade” and mail to:
789 Westminster Road, Brooklyn, NY 11230

· Pay by credit card (PayPal account not needed) HERE

· Read our Holiday Appeal and check out the PERKS for our Supporters!

Click image to watch our new 2018 Promo Video
by Renegade Pix or hear the audio PSA by Jamie Hannigan!
Our Charitable work to ENGAGE COMMUNITY
2018 Dance Programs:
We employ Teaching Artists at our programs in all five boroughs of New York City. Each program will end in the May 19th 2018 Parade and Festival.

Ageless Action:
Serving older Americans through the joy and movement of dance.

Community Kinect:
Using dance to instill a lifelong enthusiasm for physical fitness.

Cultural Residencies: Multi-week residencies focusing on culturally specific dance forms.

Click here to see a list of where you can participate in on of our classes this season!


If your school, community or senior center is interested in one of our popular education programs for the Winter or Spring, contact carlye or click here for our Community Engagement brochure.



We represent all dances, including yours. Our 80+ unique dance styles are the world’s largest display of cultural diversity. We keep historical dances alive, like Armenian Folk dancing and Bolivian Caporales, and showcase new dance forms like Litefeet, Waacking and Brazillian Zouk. We unite cultures and generations…

(Read the full Manifesto of Why We Dance on our website)

Dance Parade New York is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
#DanceParadeNYC #TheCabaretOfLife www.DanceParade.Org

Founder/Creative Director
Eternal Sol Entertainment
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Email: nini.eternalsolpromos
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The Original House of Love Saturday with special guest Brian Burnside


a private audio gallery/loft space/safe haven in Bushwick featuring a vintage Klipschorn system & amazing wood floors for your feet to dance the night away on. A place for like minded individuals looking to get away from the daily rigors of everyday life through movement. Nothing is for sale inside – therefore guests should bring anything they might need for the evening.

New York Magazine named Starvue

"The Best Disco in an Office Building"

come see why it’s one of the
best suited spots in the city for an exceptional musical experience!

Saturday,April 7th 2018


$10 | 21+

The Original House of Love returns with special guest selector Brian Burnside joining sub:culture residents Jon Martin, ShiftyKID & Delmar Browne for our SPRING AFFAIR private loft party at Starvue on Saturday, April 7th. Expect soaring vocals, deep tracks and classic floor fillers – delivered on Starvue’s exceptional analog sound system. Nothing is for sale inside the venue, but you can bring whatever you like to enjoy yourself. If you’ve ever been to a House of Love event, you already know the energy of the room, the crowd and the music create a unique and glorious cocktail of love, focused on "the medicine in the music." Hosted by NiNi EternalSol and Jon Martin, RSVP is mandatory for attendance. Email the names of all attendees to starvue234 – you will receive a reply with all relevant information, address, etc.

RSVP to starvue234 to reserve your spot now!

Facebook Event:


Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Check it out


Founder/Creative Director
Eternal Sol Entertainment
Promos * Events * Marketing + more
Email: nini.eternalsolpromos
IG: @ninieternalsol

Check it out

Founder/Creative Director
Eternal Sol Entertainment
Promos * Events * Marketing + more
Email: nini.eternalsolpromos
IG: @ninieternalsol

TONITE! Love & Respect : A tribute to and fundraiser for Carlos Sanchez

168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn
6pm – midnight

LOVE & RESPECT, A Musical Tribute and Benefit for Carlos Sanchez

François K
DJ Spinna
Bamboozle (Soul Clap)
Naeem Johnson
Stormin Norman
Shawn Dub
Trevor Fox

Hosted by: NIni EternalSol Juliano, Ramik Roberts, Michael Forde, Kenny Carpenter, Don Welch, Sammy Rock, Aurra Fox, Jon Martin, Danilo Braca, Raven Fox, Fred Pierce and Soulfinger Sam


Love & Respect is a fitting title for it reflects, 40-plus years and counting of being a staple of the NYC underground dance community. A DJ/programmer who credits these storied masters Tee Scott, Grand Master Flowers, Nicky Siano and Paul Batty as his mentors; he has been instrumental in shaping the palette of dance music and dance floors as we know it today. Carlos has also been a crucial behind-the-scenes figure, from the lectern as Professor Sanchez at Pace University with his World Music/The Underground course, manager/buyer at Disco-Rama, Downtown Records & The Eight-Ball Shop educating generations of DJ’s. Carlos was elemental to programming the way we move at storied venues like Leviticus, Save The Robots and lists goes on and on. We cannot forget that his contributions behind the keys & mixing board producing underground gems that have glorified dance floors and our hearts. Hence we give you an opportunity to show a little Love & Respect for Carlos Sanchez

On a more somber note, the motivation for putting this event together is to serve as a fundraiser for Carlos. He has been diagnosed with Kidney failure and shortly will be going through dialysis awaiting a suitable donor for transplant. I don’t have to tell you how medical expense and after care can bankrupt a person in these circumstances. With that said the prognosis for his recover is good. The intent was to raise funds to support and position him mentally with spiritual & emotion support; that will be necessary for him to weather this impeding storm. With the short list of DJs selected to participate, we will have a powerful celebration of the lifetime achievement and work of Carlos Sanchez.

Suggested donation $20.00

If you can’t come but want to show your support,
Follow the link to contribute:



Founder/Creative Director
Eternal Sol Entertainment
Promos * Events * Marketing + more
Email: nini.eternalsolpromos
IG: @ninieternalsol

New York, NY 10013

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Love & Respect A Musical Tribute + Benefit for DJ/Producer Carlos Sanchez

Love & Respect: A Musical Tribute & Benefit for Carlos Sanchez:

Founder/Creative Director
Eternal Sol Entertainment
Promos * Events * Marketing + more
Email: nini.eternalsolpromos
IG: @ninieternalsol

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